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2014 Apr UK CAA List of RPAS Operators Approved for Aerial Work

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The latest UK CAA list of companies and operators with permission to carry out aerial work has been uploaded to the CAA website. You can find it here – http://www.caa.co.uk/

The previous list contained 212 operator ID Numbers and the current list shows 191 operators. This update now indicates RPAS category associated to the permissions. The list includes 2 operators with permissions for aircraft over 20KG, 69 with 7-20 KGs and 147 for aircraft upto 7KGs.

The following 54 operator ID Nos were on the previous list but do not appear to be on the current list:

CAA ID  Company Name

8 Qinetiq
9 Eye In The Sky
11 Helicam Ltd
21 MBDA UK Ltd
45 Health and Safety Laboratory
46 David Hogg
54 Bonningtons Aerial Surveys
63 Gunter Pibernik
65 Questuav Ltd
66 Advanced UAV Technology Ltd
68 MW Power Systems Limited
70 Roke Manor Research Ltd
79 Callen-Lenz Associates Ltd(Gubua Group)
100 Daniel Baker (Flying Eye UK)
102 Aerovironment Inc
105 Highviz Photography
107 Flying Camera Systems Limited
110 EDF NNB GenCo Ltd
112 Gary Nel Site Engineers Ltd
114 Minerva NI Limited
122 Mas-UK Ltd
125 Southampton University
127 Costain Ltd
128 Duplicate (Sky-Futures) #101
129 Jonathan Blaxill
174 Simon Field (Earth, Sea, Sky Images)
176 Aerial Graphical Services
177 David Adams T/A Think Aerial Photography
178 Hedge Air Limited
179 Scottish Environment Protection Agency
181 Adrian Tomlin T/A Elevation Images
183 Duplicate (MBDA UK Ltd) #21
186 MASA Ltd
188 Selex Galileo
193 BBC (Natural History Unit)
198 Image2info
199 Highland Aerial Imaging
203 Aerial Imaging Services
205 Twist Technology
206 Brunswick Films Ltd
207 Beady Drones
208 Redcopters Ltd
210 Coastway Ltd
213 Remote Camera Systems Ltd
214 Rotorworx
216 Skypan
217 Nicholas Roxburgh
218 Cloud 12 Ltd
219 VuAir
220 KF Innovatus Ltd
224 H264 Production
259 MJM Aerial Photography Ltd
264 WingThing GbR
289 Freeway Prod Sarl

NOTE – There are operators that appear on the above list but now have another CAA ID eg BBC.

The following 33 operators CAA IDs appear to be new to this list:

CAA ID  Company Name

332 Aerial Imaging Specialists Ltd
358 Airborne Unlimited Solutions Ltd
356 Airhed
334 BlackJet Ltd
336 Blue Harbour Creative Media Ltd
363 Camera Lucida/Poles D’Images
359 CineCoptersLLP
352 Crispaerial Ltd
335 Dependable Productions Ltd
357 Dragonfly UAV Technologies
338 Edmond Mitchell T/A Aerial-News
341 Georgios Georgiadis T/A Unique Perspective
327 Geospon Image
344 Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue
354 Grinlor Productions Ltd
349 Helishoot
351 Helivue Ltd
329 High Observation
347 Intelligent Mapping Solutions Ltd
337 Jeremy Mason T/A Hummingbird Pictures LLP
342 John Drewett T/A High Shots Aerial
333 Kingfisher APS
339 Mr Zaid Saieb Al-Obaidi T/A Skyhawk AP
330 Mulholland Media Ltd
353 Oxford Archaeology Trading As Oxford Archaeology North
345 Podchains Ltd T/A Bexcopter
331 Rotorvista
328 Rupert Ward-lewis
343 RW Productions Ltd and Visualante Productions Ltd Trading As Verticam
355 Stuart Palmer t/a The Flying Machine
340 UKAeroVision Ltd
360 Vantage Point Media
350 Vulcan UAV Ltd

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2014 Feb UK CAA List of RPAS Operators Approved for Aerial Work

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The latest UK CAA list of companies and operators with permission to carry out aerial work has been uploaded to the CAA website. You can find it here – http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/1995/20140207UAVcurrent.pdf

There appears to be a steady increase in the number of operators on the list from 191 to 212 members. There are 4 operators that no longer appear on the list and 25 new operator names listed. What being on the list means is described in one of our earlier posts here – https://ajssupportltd.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/uk-caa-maintains-uk-rpas-operators-list/

The following operators no longer appear to be listed:

CAA ID  Company Name

37           Rory Game
75           SSE Power Distribution
92           Helivisuals Ltd
103         Spherical Images Ltd

A shame to see SSE Power Distribution no longer appearing to operate. SSE and ourselves set out operating the same system a few years ago.

The following operators appear to be new to this list:

CAA ID  Company Name

298         Vistasoar Ltd
299         AirTime Films Ltd
301         Alan Taddei Trading As Super 1 TV Productions
302         Rogue State Media Ltd
303         Hopgrove Productions Ltd
304         Philip Fearnley Photography Ltd t/a Halo Vue
305         Daniel Shiells T/A SkyVue Media
306         Rotor Visuals Ltd
307         Dream Evolution Pictures
308         Philip Dalton T/A Aervolution
309         Intuitive Aerial AB
310         Robert Bain T/A FlightLevel4
311         J Motion Ltd
312         UAV Aerial Services
315         Drayton Digital Media Ltd T/A Sky Views Media
316         ASM Ireland
317         Kestrel Cam Ltd
318         ClearSky Aerial Imaging Ltd
319         Vizworx Ltd
320         Eagleisystems Ltd
321         Tailwind Media Productions Ltd T/A Tailwind Media
322         Philip Dowell T/A Flightpath Aerial Productions
323         Eagle Eye Imaging Ltd
324         Yonda Aerial Systems Ltd
326         Richard Allitt Associates Ltd

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 If you are thinking about applying for Aerial Work approval, why not give us a call? As independent consultants we can help you to understand the requirements and your available options. See information on our website here.

Or call us on 01373 859003.

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Independent RPAS Advice and Guidance For Operators

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A J S are qualified aeronautical engineers with over 30 years experience in operational aviation, developing aviation equipment based capabilities and associated sustainable support solutions. Our experience is in delivering high availability capabilities for operationally critical services. Commercial use of RPAS/UAS requires a system that is cost effective and to operate at a profit. Similar to Defence and Security capabilities, commercial operation is reliant on the systems availability, reliability and sustainability; to be successful.

From our foundation in operational aviation, in early 2009 we began to develop our specialist knowledge and experience in the use of unmanned aircraft and their systems, to satisfy customer equipment capability requirements. In 2010 we were one of the first UK Commercial operators in UK to obtain the approval to operate. We have specific experience in three key areas of unmanned air system development:

– Capability requirement development and options analysis
– CAA certification and approval
– Service Development

With qualified specialists and our in depth aviation operational experience, we feel that today, we are ideally placed when supporting businesses operating or planning to operate unmanned systems commercially.

The A J S Support is providing its customers with an independent, cost effective, value for money, tailored support service to suit the customer’s project and budget.

We are assisting equipment procurement and management teams with a range key through life planning and implementation activities. These are examples of equipment life cycle activities we can assist with:

• Develop a Concept Of Use.
• Develop Use and Support strategies.
• Develop User and System Requirements.
• Initiate and develop a Supportability Engineering program.
• Review Potential Supplier System Specifications against Requirements to inform system selection.
• Down Select to suitable affordable value for money suppliers.
• Confirm System Performance against Requirements (Demos).
• Develop Safe Operating Procedures.
• Develop through life support costs.
• Develop optimised and sustainable support solution.
• Develop optimised maintenance schedules.
• Develop spares predictions.
• Procure equipment or service and manage intro.
• Monitor In Service Performance.
• Modify or Upgrade.
• Disposal/Termination of Capability.

If you require support on any aspect of RPAS procurement and operational deployment please do not hesitate to Contact A J S or visit our website.

A J S Working With Defence

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Our Approach

A J S is focused on delivering agile, value for money support solutions to our customers. This requires a simple engagement process. This article outlines the basic process. More information can be found on our website here or contact us using the details here.

Work Package descriptions – Prior to any formal engagement for support from A J S we will discuss your requirements, scope the support activity and clearly define the proposal in work package descriptions. These descriptions will define inputs, outputs, delivery dates and constraints.

Contract periods – All sizes of work packages and contracting arrangements will be considered. We predominantly deliver work packages for resource effort from 1 day through to 6 months.

Pricing – We are experienced at working to defined and agreed work packages, delivering Firm Priced deliverables. We will consider all pricing approaches to suit our customers, the common approaches are:

• Firm price engagement. (Deliverables and firm price agreed)
• Flexible budget. (Pay as you go)
• Limits of liability resource budget. (Agree a budget limit up front)

OUR Levels of Support

We are independent equipment support specialists delivering technical support to businesses with complex equipment based capability requirements and challenging time scales, helping them to deliver what they need, when they need it. This requires us to be flexible and agile in our scoping and delivery of work packages. Examples of typical levels of support we provide:

• Advice and guidance.
• Strategic planning.
• Tactical planning.
• Management planning.
• Review, analyse, report and recommend.
• Project management.

We can adapt delivery solutions to suit any clients project complexity, time frame and budgetary requirements. Contact us to discuss your potential requirements.

Our Skills

We have a range of skills to use to assist our customers in their business and equipment support projects. These are the keys specialist skills:

• Aircraft Equipment Procurement.
• Defence/Security Procurement Specialist.
• Equipment and Support requirements development.
• CAA Certified Commercial small UAS Operator.
• Project Management.
• Management of Technical Support Teams.
• PRINCE2 Practitioner.
• Equipment Support Solution Development.
• Value for Money Benchmarking.
• Contract Due Diligence Support.
• Through Life Finance Analysis.
• Through Life Support Management.
• Integrated Logistic Support Management.
• Supportability Analysis & Management.
• Supportability Engineering Management.
• Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Practitioner.
• Spares optimisation.
• Logistic Information and Data Management.
• Aircraft Technical Publications (IETP) Management.
• Aircraft Engineering Management.
• Fleet Management (Aircraft).

Our Experience

Security cleared, experienced and qualified independent equipment and support specialists. Our consultants have been involved with Defence Equipment and Support since 1983, and have been assisting Industry and MoD customers in the research, design and implementation of major defence equipment based capabilities and their support solutions since 1997.

Our experience has been developed from a wide range of equipments, predominantly in the rigorous and safety critical aerospace sector. There are examples of the larger Government projects where we have developed this experience on our Summary of  Government Projects pages here.

We are experienced in the provision of professional, value for money technical support to all phases of an equipment procurement and support lifecycle. Delivery of this support to Industry and MoD management teams. This experience is gained from support of a range of capabilities in terms of their complexity and Through Life Costs. We have supported capability programmes for equipment Through Life Costs of £50 K – £2.3 Bn.

Our experience has been developed from the practical application of support, delivered at a range of support levels and in key support areas e.g. Maintenance Management and Fleet Management. This experience continues to be developed by the team keeping our  support skills up-to-date and effective.

We are experienced at the delivery of flexible technical support to clients with specific requirements, budgets and timeframes. We have delivered support to a wide variety of contract periods, budgets and engagement methods.

Experienced specialist providers for MoD’s Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS). FATS provides a faster and more efficient contractual route to procure Technical Support as it offers pre-agreed contract terms and conditions, rates and discounts, and it uses standard Tasking Forms.

We are also experienced providers of interim management support for business units with a shortfall in managerial resource.

The following are key Government projects we have supported:

• MoD Lynx Support Team – (2013)
• MoD A400M Team – TP400-D6 Engine (2013)
• MoD Lightweight and Medium Attack Systems (LMAS) – (2013)
• MoD Lightweight and Medium Attack Systems (LMAS) – (2013)
• MoD Attack Helicopter Team – AH Capability Sustainment (2012)
• MoD Lightweight Missile System Team – FASGW (2011/2012)
• MoD Chinook Helicopter Project Team (2010/2011)
• Industry Team Apache UK (2009/2010)
• MoD AW-159 Lynx Wildcat Team (2008/2009)
• Industry Future Integrated Soldier Technology FIST Project Team
• MoD Future Mine Counter Measures Capability FMCMC Options
• Industry E Borders Bid Team
• Industry Maritime Airborne Surveillance & Control MASC Bid Team
• Industry Airborne Stand-Off Radar ASTOR ILS Team
• MoD Attack Helicopter Integrated Project Team (1998/2005)
• UNICOM MoD Implementation Team (1997/1998)

This list is available on our website here and has links to more details of the services and products delivered. A detailed list of the projects and the support provided can be viewed/downloaded here.

Defence Policy and Guidance

We are experienced in practical application of key Defence strategies, policies and guidance e.g:

MoD Policy and Guidance AOF – Acquisition Operating Framework, SSE – Support Solutions Envelope (Via the AOF)    MRP     Military Aviation Authority Regulatory Publications

Defence Standards – DEFSTAN 00-3, DEFSTAN 00-25, DEFSTAN 00-40, DEFSTAN 00-42, DEFSTAN 00-44, DEFSTAN 00-45, DEFSTAN 00-49, DEFSTAN 00-5, DEFSTAN 00-60, DEFSTAN 00-88, DEFSTAN 00-600, DEFSTAN 00-814, DEFSTAN 00-250,    DEFSTAN 05-129, DEFSTAN 05-57, DEFSTAN 05-61, DEFSTAN 66-31, DEFSTAN 81-41

Other Standards – ISO 9000, ISO 10007, BS 2011, BS 5378, ASD 1000D, ASD 2000M, ASD 3000L

Joint Service Publications (JSP)     –  JSP 392, JSP 457, JSP 462, JSP 472, JSP 482, JSP 509, JSP 567, JSP 602, JSP 604, JSP 605, JSP 747, JSP 800, JSP 822, JSP 886, JSP 89,9 JSP 902, JSP 912

NATO Standards – AQAP 2000, AQAP 2210, AQAP 211, STANAG 1414, STANAG 2828, STANAG 2829, STANAG 4062,  STANAG 4159,  STANAG 4280, STANAG 4362, STANAG 4427

Seasonal Message For 2013/2014

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As we experience relaxation and seasonal cheer at the end of another busy year, our thoughts turn to our Armed Forces who are not so safe and relaxed for this seasonal period. We will be thinking of them and raise a glass to those and all our absent friends.

A J S has experienced modest progress and success in 2013 and we are looking  forward to continuing to support Defence Equipment customers and Commercial Unmanned Aircraft operator customers in 2014.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued 2013 customers for their custom and look forward to continuing to support them in 2014.

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year from the A J S Team

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UK CAA Maintains UK RPAS Operators List

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An often overlooked fact is that all remotely piloted/controlled aircraft used for either hobby or commercial use are subject to CAA policy and guidelines.

Most importantly with the current interest in using Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) commercially in UK, the commercial operator is legally required to apply for permission from the CAA to carry out “Aerial Work” and provide evidence of safe operation within CAA constraints.

In Nov 2013 the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) published a list of UK UAS operators who have a permission for aerial work in the UK.

The list provides customers with a register (updated 3 monthly) to let them know that they are contracting a UAS operator who has demonstrated that they meet the level of competence expected by the CAA.

An operator on the list has:

  • Demonstrated competency in flight skills either through previous experience and certification or through a CAA approved training and certification scheme.
  • Submitted a full description and description of operation of the system being operated.
  • Submitted, and had approved, an Operations Manual showing their own operational, safety and risk assessment procedures.

The UK CAA website is – http://www.caa.co.uk/default.aspx?catid=1995

The current (Nov 2013) list is here –  http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/1995/SUOperatorsNov2013.pdf

If you have any questions about UAS equipment, training or operations, please do not hesitate to contact A J S or visit our website.