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Our Approach

A J S is focused on delivering agile, value for money support solutions to our customers. This requires a simple engagement process. This article outlines the basic process. More information can be found on our website here or contact us using the details here.

Work Package descriptions – Prior to any formal engagement for support from A J S we will discuss your requirements, scope the support activity and clearly define the proposal in work package descriptions. These descriptions will define inputs, outputs, delivery dates and constraints.

Contract periods – All sizes of work packages and contracting arrangements will be considered. We predominantly deliver work packages for resource effort from 1 day through to 6 months.

Pricing – We are experienced at working to defined and agreed work packages, delivering Firm Priced deliverables. We will consider all pricing approaches to suit our customers, the common approaches are:

• Firm price engagement. (Deliverables and firm price agreed)
• Flexible budget. (Pay as you go)
• Limits of liability resource budget. (Agree a budget limit up front)

OUR Levels of Support

We are independent equipment support specialists delivering technical support to businesses with complex equipment based capability requirements and challenging time scales, helping them to deliver what they need, when they need it. This requires us to be flexible and agile in our scoping and delivery of work packages. Examples of typical levels of support we provide:

• Advice and guidance.
• Strategic planning.
• Tactical planning.
• Management planning.
• Review, analyse, report and recommend.
• Project management.

We can adapt delivery solutions to suit any clients project complexity, time frame and budgetary requirements. Contact us to discuss your potential requirements.

Our Skills

We have a range of skills to use to assist our customers in their business and equipment support projects. These are the keys specialist skills:

• Aircraft Equipment Procurement.
• Defence/Security Procurement Specialist.
• Equipment and Support requirements development.
• CAA Certified Commercial small UAS Operator.
• Project Management.
• Management of Technical Support Teams.
• PRINCE2 Practitioner.
• Equipment Support Solution Development.
• Value for Money Benchmarking.
• Contract Due Diligence Support.
• Through Life Finance Analysis.
• Through Life Support Management.
• Integrated Logistic Support Management.
• Supportability Analysis & Management.
• Supportability Engineering Management.
• Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) Practitioner.
• Spares optimisation.
• Logistic Information and Data Management.
• Aircraft Technical Publications (IETP) Management.
• Aircraft Engineering Management.
• Fleet Management (Aircraft).

Our Experience

Security cleared, experienced and qualified independent equipment and support specialists. Our consultants have been involved with Defence Equipment and Support since 1983, and have been assisting Industry and MoD customers in the research, design and implementation of major defence equipment based capabilities and their support solutions since 1997.

Our experience has been developed from a wide range of equipments, predominantly in the rigorous and safety critical aerospace sector. There are examples of the larger Government projects where we have developed this experience on our Summary of  Government Projects pages here.

We are experienced in the provision of professional, value for money technical support to all phases of an equipment procurement and support lifecycle. Delivery of this support to Industry and MoD management teams. This experience is gained from support of a range of capabilities in terms of their complexity and Through Life Costs. We have supported capability programmes for equipment Through Life Costs of £50 K – £2.3 Bn.

Our experience has been developed from the practical application of support, delivered at a range of support levels and in key support areas e.g. Maintenance Management and Fleet Management. This experience continues to be developed by the team keeping our  support skills up-to-date and effective.

We are experienced at the delivery of flexible technical support to clients with specific requirements, budgets and timeframes. We have delivered support to a wide variety of contract periods, budgets and engagement methods.

Experienced specialist providers for MoD’s Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS). FATS provides a faster and more efficient contractual route to procure Technical Support as it offers pre-agreed contract terms and conditions, rates and discounts, and it uses standard Tasking Forms.

We are also experienced providers of interim management support for business units with a shortfall in managerial resource.

The following are key Government projects we have supported:

• MoD Lynx Support Team – (2013)
• MoD A400M Team – TP400-D6 Engine (2013)
• MoD Lightweight and Medium Attack Systems (LMAS) – (2013)
• MoD Lightweight and Medium Attack Systems (LMAS) – (2013)
• MoD Attack Helicopter Team – AH Capability Sustainment (2012)
• MoD Lightweight Missile System Team – FASGW (2011/2012)
• MoD Chinook Helicopter Project Team (2010/2011)
• Industry Team Apache UK (2009/2010)
• MoD AW-159 Lynx Wildcat Team (2008/2009)
• Industry Future Integrated Soldier Technology FIST Project Team
• MoD Future Mine Counter Measures Capability FMCMC Options
• Industry E Borders Bid Team
• Industry Maritime Airborne Surveillance & Control MASC Bid Team
• Industry Airborne Stand-Off Radar ASTOR ILS Team
• MoD Attack Helicopter Integrated Project Team (1998/2005)
• UNICOM MoD Implementation Team (1997/1998)

This list is available on our website here and has links to more details of the services and products delivered. A detailed list of the projects and the support provided can be viewed/downloaded here.

Defence Policy and Guidance

We are experienced in practical application of key Defence strategies, policies and guidance e.g:

MoD Policy and Guidance AOF – Acquisition Operating Framework, SSE – Support Solutions Envelope (Via the AOF)    MRP     Military Aviation Authority Regulatory Publications

Defence Standards – DEFSTAN 00-3, DEFSTAN 00-25, DEFSTAN 00-40, DEFSTAN 00-42, DEFSTAN 00-44, DEFSTAN 00-45, DEFSTAN 00-49, DEFSTAN 00-5, DEFSTAN 00-60, DEFSTAN 00-88, DEFSTAN 00-600, DEFSTAN 00-814, DEFSTAN 00-250,    DEFSTAN 05-129, DEFSTAN 05-57, DEFSTAN 05-61, DEFSTAN 66-31, DEFSTAN 81-41

Other Standards – ISO 9000, ISO 10007, BS 2011, BS 5378, ASD 1000D, ASD 2000M, ASD 3000L

Joint Service Publications (JSP)     –  JSP 392, JSP 457, JSP 462, JSP 472, JSP 482, JSP 509, JSP 567, JSP 602, JSP 604, JSP 605, JSP 747, JSP 800, JSP 822, JSP 886, JSP 89,9 JSP 902, JSP 912

NATO Standards – AQAP 2000, AQAP 2210, AQAP 211, STANAG 1414, STANAG 2828, STANAG 2829, STANAG 4062,  STANAG 4159,  STANAG 4280, STANAG 4362, STANAG 4427


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